Is writing an honors thesis worth it

Writing an undergraduate thesis: Is it worth it?

In my spare time, I had wanted to learn to code and speak another language this year. We worked well together last semester, and she seems pretty enthusiastic about the project. I had other friends who worked with profs where the prof chose the topic and they did alright, even though they didn't really like what they were doing or understand how it fit in the with the larger picture.

I chose the topic and did alright. Having a strong relationship with your faculty adviser will likely enrich your research experience, provide invaluable mentorship and give you an excuse to pick the brain of talented and intelligent professors.

Again, you'll likely be fine either way. That will serve you well. Whenever a college or university is under pressure to make budget cuts they will start with programs that benefit few students.

For instance, being an editor of a publication or double-majoring or anything else you actually want to do. The grad program will likely require good GRE scores, good letters of recommendation, and a good writing sample.

I did it specifically for the challenge, but it has helped me greatly just by being on my resume. What do you think? Why would you give up the things you enjoy in your last year of school? You are already ahead of most students! I was both tormented by and quite enjoyed the process.

I was going to chime in and say don't do it because nobody will ever care. Meme of tv or movie characters driving someone out Wall Street Oasis I spent much of my time at Harvard writing, either for class or The Crimson, and yet still a senior thesis remained shrouded in a sense of mystery and the murky early months and even as the length and scale prevent you from grasping the whole thing until near the end, the destination is worth the trek.

I do not believe you have to be in the Honors program to qualify for Honors-related work, and in fact, I would assume non-Honors students can take your classes anyways. The thesis will help. Honors theses are a great way to cultivate some skills you might actually use after graduation so you can at feel more prepared.


Nose yourself deep into the archives of your campus library and write about something that fascinates you! Lexi Thoman is a senior international studies and Spanish double-major from St. I do think it provided me with some intangible benefits confidence that I could single-handedly initiate, manage, and complete a larger project than I had ever attemptedbut no one has ever cared about it since it was bound, signed, and put on a shelf in the library.

If you don't have an interest in the topic, dread researching it, and aren't going to be staying in that field, you can spend your time and money in considerably more productive ways. If you can code well you'll pretty much always be able to find a job.

Frankly I don't see a Geography thesis helping get you into a terminal MS program in computer science, for example. I'm planning on going to graduate school after that, because my undergraduate experience was not what I hoped it would be.

It was stressful to ask, but it ended up being great. Honors work would be combined with traditional large lecture courses in the first two years. Did I write an interesting and entertaining thesis? By Stuart Nachbar During our visits, we have learned about honors colleges and honors programs at publicly-supported schools.

At no point did anyone ever ask me about my thesis, and I doubt anyone has ever read it or cared.I'd say a publication somewhere would be worth more for grad school, but an honors thesis is better than nothing. If anything, it will give your LOR writer something.

How do you write an honors thesis? Get an idea of what’s expected It’s a good idea to review some of the honors theses other students have submitted to get a sense of what an honors thesis might look like and what kinds of things might be appropriate topics.

The thesis/capstone projects provided by the Honors program do provide the ability to perform research projects at the undergraduate level and are likely the most high-yield activities you can get as an Honors student.

Jul 31,  · As an Honors College student, I have the option to complete a thesis this year. I've already made it through the preparation semester and had my proposal accepted, but I'm not very passionate about the topic I selected, and I'm not sure if the effort of continuing with the project will be worth the reward.

Details inside. Completing the Honors Program requires students to complete 21 hours of Honors coursework, but occasionally students are intrigued when they see that they can also earn the distinction of “Senior Honors Scholar” simply by taking two more Honors classes (for a total of 27 hours) and writing a thesis, which is worth 3 credit hours.

How do you write an honors thesis?

Is writing an honors thesis worth it

Get an idea of what’s expected. It’s a good idea to review some of the honors theses other students have submitted to get a sense of what an honors thesis might look like and what kinds of things might be appropriate topics. Look for examples from the previous year in the Carolina Digital Repository.

Is writing an honors thesis worth it
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