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For the first time a mathematical model of mechanical peeling will be developed in this thesis. The course will also include various cases studies for selected topics. Consultation of the hard-copy version is now restricted to readers making a personal visit to the Library, as no further microfiche copies are being produced by the British Library and no master copies of theses are lent from the Library.

The thesis examines some factors that contributed to the success or failure of these operations and also considers why a region that was of key strategic interest in both German and Soviet planning in the first Eprints thesis of the war quickly diminished in importance and has been largely neglected in the published history of the war.

When the pressure is suddenly released, steam under the skin expands and causes the skin to puff and crack. Older theses were, typically, produced without any colour text or images theses that contain a large number of colour pages are scanned by hand on book scanners producing or 1-bit images depending on the bit depth of individual pages Digitisation Restrictions The re-publication of a thesis in a digital format brings a different set of copyright issues that may preclude digital publication.

One such link, New and Recent Additions, provides a list of the most recent references added to the bibliography. Pre-treated Australian bagasse pulp samples were compared with several benchmark pulp samples.

Secondly, the bagasse pulp had a large proportion of fibres longer than 1. Smith developed a method of superheated steam peeling of apples by refining conventional caustic and steam peeling methods. The work required to cause rupture in the product is known as the toughness Mohsenin, The unwanted mechanical loading compression, impact, and vibration is the main reason for bruising of fruits and vegetables during post harvesting operations Brusewitz et al.

The content is organized in nine chapters as follows: This chapter sets out to identify and critically analyse all the previously published literature with regard to the mechanical properties of fruits and vegetables, peeling methods, and modelling of the peeling process.


Chung and Verma concluded the ratio of static and dynamic coefficient of friction remained almost invariant irrespective of the moisture content of the sample and the type of surface material.

Applications in logistics, manufacturing, transportation are emphasized including problem formulation and interpretation of results using spreadsheets and optimization software.

These attributes helped to reinforce the pulp pad matrix. A trial to unbind theses and digitise single sheets was undertaken. Available online 17 Oct ; DOI: Rainey — A study of bagasse pulp filtration Acknowledgements I would like to thank all of my supervisors, without whom this thesis would not be possible.

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Floros and Chinnan a reported that the widespread application of steam peeling is due to its high level of automation, precise control of time, temperature and pressure by electronic devices to minimize peeling losses, and due to the reduced environmental pollution as compared to chemical peeling.

The criteria of this research evenness of peeling in different areas of product and higher peeling efficiency also will be considered in the developed method. Authors retain the copyright of their thesis and this remains unaffected by the Calendar amendment.

Each cycle was 10 seconds long except the last which was 5 seconds.


Using cases and exercises the course will Eprints thesis the following topics: The diameter of the rotary cutter is small and equipped with two teeth to give balance. This method can be performed by wet heat steam or dry heat flame, infra red, hot gases.

Peer-reviewed conference papers Doherty, B. Fruits were affected directly by the flow of steam in an open-mesh basket. The highlighted feature of these designed devices is that they do not share the limitations of current peeling tools. Following digitisation, the sheets are returned loose to the intact case, bound with linen tape and sent off site for long term storage.

An opportunity exists for replacing the large quantity of mainly generic paper products imported to Australia. Thank you also to the countless others that contributed to this thesis. Topics include integrated enterprise resource management and IT-enabled operations management functions.

The device includes a container equipped with at least two rotating discs at its bottom. The average value of the torque during the rotation of the disk and the maximum value of torque obtained as the disc started to rotate were used.

A sample of Australian bagasse which was depithed as per typical factory operations was also produced for benchmarking purposes.Academic and similar e-Print archives; not digital libraries or traditional archives except for examples useful for their subject approach for comparison Sources have been sifted from: Sites using EPrints.

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This repository contains details and, if available, downloads of our research output. Cord Blood Bilirubin Level As An Early predictor Of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia- A hospital based prospective study Singhal, Vikram and Kamath, Nutan and Baliga, B.S and *, Unnikrishnan B () Cord Blood Bilirubin Level As An Early predictor Of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia- A hospital based prospective study.


The thesis develops a re-enactment methodology that, via practical realisation, allows researchers to gain insight into the production dynamics of a particular era in history to learn about ‘in the moment’ directing decision-making.

creation fo a new directory for theses. The approach was to create new views and searches that filtered out the theses currently listed in our eprints repository and created a subfolder in the website that accessed this rather than creating a new repository just for etheses.

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