An analysis of the docudrama nanook of the north

In reality, Allakariallak died at home, most likely from an illness such as tuberculosis. Robert Flaherty; screenplay and photography: On the other hand, while Flaherty made his Inuit actors use spears instead of guns during the walrus and seal hunts, the prey shown in the film were genuine, wild animals.

But the interviewer is Robert Gardner, who was a documentary filmmaker in his own right. It includes an interview with Flaherty's widow and Nanook of the North co-editorFrances Flaherty, photos from Flaherty's trip to the arctic, and excerpts from a TV documentary, Flaherty and Film.

But it does so with a rare feeling for a timeless landscape and a way of life that had remained unchanged for centuries.

Nanook Of The North - Film (Movie) Plot and Review

It departs from fiction because it lacks a plot or story. However, inFlaherty dropped a cigarette onto the original camera negative which was highly flammable nitrate stock and lost 30, feet of film. The trader removes the record and hands it to Nanook who at first peers at it and then puts it in his mouth and bites it.

Nanook; his wife, Nyla; and their family are introduced as fearless heroes who endure rigors no other race could survive. To be sure, Flaherty wanted to give the outside world a glimpse of Eskimo life as he had experienced it during his years as an explorer, surveyor, and prospector in the lower Arctic region.

What is perhaps most striking about the film, given the primitive nature of the equipment with which it was made, and the unimaginably difficult circumstances under which it was shot, is how utterly engaging it remains to this day.

Share via Email We have become so accustomed to television documentaries in which someone famous travels to a distant part of the world to view its inhabitants in their natural state that we have quite forgotten where it all originated.

The only fault with this film is that it focuses too much one aspect of their journey. He lives there with his wives, his many children and their dogs. Nanook and his family were real, but the film is not a straightforward recording of their everyday life: And what also makes the film worthwhile, again, has to do with its age.

The answer, it turns out, is to use a spear shaped like a fork; the reverse wedge of the outer prongs draws the fish onto the spear, and an approximate hit will do the job. Part of the roof also had to removed to allow enough light to enter the igloo for it to show up on film.

Though the film has no conventional plot, it tells a coherent story through its extraordinary images.

Robert Flaherty: Nanook of the North

Modern audiences are inured to movies about arctic life or any far-flung corner of the globe but we have people like Flaherty to thank for it.

It is fun to watch this at times, as the children of the family have a fun old time, trying to create tobaggans to slide down the hills while their father is at work; However, the things that make this film a little hard to watch, is the fact that you are forced to watch as the starving family has no time to cook their food once it is caught, due to starvation.

The Eskimo women who appear in the film were not known to Allakariallak but were two of Flaherty's partners who were hired to play Nanook's wives.Dec 16,  · The documentary follows the lives of an Inuit, Nanook, and his family as they travel, search for food, and trade in northern Quebec, Canada.

Nanook of the North When Robert Flaherty trudged up to the sub-Arctic eastern shore of Canada's Hudson Bay to film his landmark Nanook of the North (), he not only put documentary films on the map, but launched the still-unresolved debate over what a documentary is, and should be.

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Nanook of the North - Film (Movie) Plot and Review - Publications on Film Reference. Flaherty's `Nanook Of The North' may an analysis of the docudrama nanook of the north be the first film about man's relationship with nature.

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An analysis of the docudrama nanook of the north
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